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Additional Ticketshops: 
Kulturamt Gemeinde Eichenzell (July 26, 2024)
Schlossgasse 4, Eichenzell, Phone 06659 97943

Schloss Fasanerie, Eichenzell (August 6, 2024)

Box Office: + 3,00 Euro


Reduction I: 
Trainees and students, as well as people with a degree of severe disability of 50% or more.
Wheelchair users, as well as holders of a severely handicapped ID with mark B, please contact the organizer preferably by e-mail: or by phone fromMonday to Wednesday +49 661 1021449.

Reduction II: 
Pupils up to 18 years

Family ticket: 
2 adults with up to 2 children

Small subscription: 
3 concerts* for 57.- Euro / reduction I: 27.- Euro

Total subscription: 
11 concerts (without Prizewinners' Concert) for 235.- Euro / reduction I: 100.- Euro

Box office: 
+ 3,00 Euro per ticket

* excludes Opening Concert, Eichenzeller Concert Round, Final Concert, Prizewinners' Concert

10 years pianale

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