Concert Rounds

1. Concert Round : 8 - 10 minutes
2. Concert Round : 8 – 10 minutes
3. Semifinal Round : 10 – 15 minutes
4. Final Round : 15 – 20 minutes

During PIANALE there will be held 11 concerts. The concert series is organized like a Competition.

Concert Rounds

The participants present themselves with works of their choice in front of audiences and jury. No piece can be repeated. It is allowed to perform parts or movements out of a sonata or piano cycle.

In each concert between 7 – 10 candidates will perform. The programmes will be announced on the evening before each concert.

After the first two concert rounds a jury will select the 7 semifinalists. Each semifinalist receives a bursery of 700 Euro. The finalists will receive a bursery of 1200 Euro and several concert engagements.

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