Matti Raekallio

Finnish born pianist Matti Raekallio studied in his home country as well as in London with Maria Diamond Curcio, in Vienna with Dieter Weber and finally in St. Petersburg, Russia. He played his American debut 1981 at the Carnegie Recital Hall. Since then, he has made regular tours of the U.S.A., including solo recitals and performances with several American symphony orchestras. 

Matti Raekallio

Matti Raekallio has performed complete cycles of the 32 Sonatas by Beethoven, the 10 Scriabin Sonatas and the 9 Prokofiev Sonatas as well as altogether 62 piano concertos. He is judging many international piano competitions such as the Rubinstein in Tel Aviv, Geneva, Beethoven in Vienna, Shanghai and Tokyo. Since 2007 Matti Raekallio joins the faculty of the Juillard School in New York.

Matti Raekallio is part of the PIANALE Team since 2013.

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