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Jury & Regulations

All 12 participants of PIANALE JUNIOR perform twice during 4 concerts. A jury will decide the 4 best candidates to perform the JUNIOR Final Concert. 

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Jury & Regeln

Jury 2020:

  • Uta Weyand (President of Jury)
  • Ronan o'Hora
  • Ewa Poblocka
  • Nikolaus Frey (Finale)
  • William Fong
  • Zuzana Niederdorfer

Jury Regulations

PIANALE Jury consists of 5 recognized experts.

The decision of the jury regarding the finalists will be announced in the evening after the third public concert of PIANALE Junior.

The finalists receive 550.00 Euro each.

Jury members are not permitted to discuss any performances prior to the evaluation or the voting process.

The assessment of each jury member must be in a written and signed form.

If there are any problematic issues and a consensus cannot be reached by way of majority voting, the vote of the Jury Chairperson is decisive.

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