Pianale - International Piano Academy & Competition

Concert Rounds

1. Concert Round: 10 minutes

Final Round: 20 minutes

The participants present a program with works of their free choice. Single movements of sonatas and pieces out of piano cycles are alloweded. Works of the first concert round can be repeated in the final round.

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The 18 candidates of PIANALE JUNIOR will perform the first concert round during 3 concerts. The jury will make a decision of the four best candidates to perform at the final. All finalists will receive a bursery of 550 euros. In addition, a special scholarship to attend PIANALE JUNIOR 2019 (13-17 years) or PIANALE International Academy & Competition 2017 (18-30 years) will be awarded .

The jury prize winner will receive a special prize in form of a concert engagement and/or CD recording. The jury's decision is final.

10 years pianale

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Joaquín Soriano

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Nozomi Nakagiri