Andrey Yaroshinsky

PIANALE was a wonderful experience in my life that was filled with sincere and wonderful emotions. From the very beginning of this course, it was organized on a very high level, combining great maestros teaching piano, and nice open atmosphere, that is so necessary for creation.

Andrey Yaroshinsky

Students can receive both musical and human experience, communicating with many musicians from different countries and cultures. Very interesting moment, that is very special, is a possibility to study one of European languages, that every student can choose. First of all, in a modern life, it is impossible to live without knowing foreign languages. It is necessary for communicating, for future human and musical meetings, for career. And, also, it helps to feel real friendship and international freedom without borders. So, PIANALE provides the possibility to improve in most international language ever, in music, and to support this fact with studying languages that can help to anyone in future.

I must say words of gratefulness to Uta Weyand, her powerful and open emotion created PIANALE, thanks to her work like a brilliant organizer and an exceptional musician, we all have a possibility to enjoy this event, to receive musical experience from her and such maestros like Joaquin Soriano, Akiko Ebi, Ralf Nattkemper, Friedemann Rieger and others.

For me, PIANALE helped a lot in musical improvement, thanks to great maestros, I could work with. It gave me a chance to find new friends all over the world. It allowed me to play in wonderful halls during the course. And, finally, I am so happy to be the first winner of such a great event, like PIANALE. It is great joy and also a big responsibility, and I will keep PIANALE in my heart with great and warm remembrance.

10 years pianale

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