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We are mindful of the many challenges you currently face, and are committed to your health & safety. Therefore we have taken important decisions to be able to welcoming piano students at PIANALE from July 23 - August 5, 2022 in Fulda, Germany.


We are safeguarding our environments and behaviours in line with World Health Organisation recommendations. We ensure sufficient personal space for the time we spend together. All participants will live in single rooms with own bathroom. Only members of one family can share a double room.

Here you can find our additional conditions, that supplement the general conditions of PIANALE and PIANALE Junior for the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For further questions please do not hesitate to contact us at academy@pianale.com

PIANALE gGmbH has adopted additional terms and conditions for participation in the PIANALE Piano Academy & Competition (PIANALE PAC) during the COVID-19 pandemic:

1. Principle

In order to guarantee compliance with the officially required Corona measures, the agreed services can be unilaterally changed by PIANALE at any time for the protection of all PIANALE participants and employees. This includes, in particular, regulations regarding the wearing of protective clothing in public areas, changes to the food & beverage offer, change of meal times, change and, if necessary, cancellation of the offer of master classes, language courses and concerts. Unilateral changes of the agreed service by PIANALE gGmbH have no influence on the price agreed in the booking confirmation. The changes of the agreed service must be comprehensible for the participant in direct connection with the official required Corona measures, such as the distance requirement. These measures can and will change in the course of the Corona crisis.

2. Cancellation by PIANALE gGmbH

Participation in the PIANALE Piano Academy & Competition (PIANALE PAC) is generally at your own risk. Further liability and compensation claims, which do not concern the injury of life, body or health, are excluded, as far as there is no intent or gross negligence on our part. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone the PIANALE PAC due to the general decree of the Federal State of Hesse.
Should the general decree, or the quarantine status of the accommodation as well as the region, change during the PIANALE PAC and therefore the PIANALE PAC cannot take place any further, there is no claim for refund of the paid fees. If the general order, or the quarantine status of the accommodation as well as the region changes 6 weeks before the PIANALE PAC, it will be held at another time. The place and date will then be communicated as soon as possible.
Should a participant not adhere to the hygiene measures during the PIANALE PAC, we will be forced to exclude him/her from the PIANALE PAC. The resulting costs will be borne by the participant.

3. Cancellation of the event by the participant

In case of cancellation by the participant - for whatever reason - up to 6 weeks before the start of PIANALE PAC, 80% of the total course and accommodation fees will be refunded. In case of no-show without prior written cancellation, the full participation fees will be charged.

4. Reservations of change

PIANALE gGmbH is entitled to make organizational changes or deviations (due to COVID-19) before or during the event, as long as these do not significantly change the benefit of the announced event for the participant. This includes any necessary changes in the team of lecturers, concert events and concert venues as well as language courses and other possible events.

5. Illness

The participants are obliged from the beginning of the PIANALE PAC until 2 weeks after the PIANALE PAC to inform the organization in case of symptoms of a corona illness. If the participant shows symptoms of a corona disease before the arrival, he/she has to renounce the participation in the PIANALE PAC. The participant will then receive a credit note for the tuition fees as soon as proof of the officially ordered quarantine is available. The costs for board and lodging will be charged, insofar as a cancellation free of charge is no longer possible at the lodging.
Should a participant appear at the PIANALE PAC despite known corona symptoms, PIANALE gGmbH is entitled to exclude him/her from the event and reserves the right to take legal action.

6. Claim of damages

PIANALE gGmbH is not liable for any additional costs that may arise due to the participation in the PIANALE PAC. This refers to the following points, among others:

- Travel costs of any kind

- Course, accommodation and food costs in case of early departure from the PIANALE PAC, due to symptoms or non-compliance with safety measures

- Course, accommodation and food expenses in case of early departure from the PIANALE PAC, due to event cancellation by the accommodation.

7. Reimbursement of costs in case of early departure

There is no claim for a proportional refund of costs (course as well as hotel and catering costs) in case of early departure from the PIANALE PAC, e.g. due to event cancellation by the hotel, occurring symptoms as well as non-compliance with safety measures. A claim for proportional reimbursement of costs also does not exist if an early departure is necessary due to corona symptom development in a lecturer, staff member and helper.

8. General information regarding COVID-19

Please observe our hygiene measures, as well as those of the hotel.
All regulations are regularly adjusted by us.

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