The association " PIANALE Friends e.V." brings friends of culture and music, of young and talented people, together. Our work ranges from financial support to donations and scholarships for young artists as well as to active personal support.

Through the commitment of individuals and companies who are committed to the preservation of the cultural and musical life in our region, highly gifted young artists get the chance to be coached at PIANALE and further to perform in historic halls of unique castles.

Music brings people together from all nations and generations. PIANALE Friends e.V. stands for community, cultural responsibility, respect and communication.

Take the initiative and have a share together with PIANALE Friends e.V. in the high level of events and promotion of highly talented young artists. Many projects are rendered possible with you.


  • Single-Membership: 60 €/year
  • Partner-Membership: 100 €/year
  • Company-Membership: 120 €/year
  • Alumni-Membership: 12 €/year

We also offer to assume scholarships:

  • ¼   scholarship: 250Euro
  • ½   scholarship: 500 Euro
  • Full scholarship: 1000 euros

Contributions to our organization are tax granted.

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