Pianale - International Piano Academy & Competition

Academy 13-17 Years

PIANALE JUNIOR will take place from July 23 - August 05, 2022 and is aimed at young pianists from Germany and abroad between 13 and 17 years. Due date is July 23. 2022

All participants receive a total of 8 piano classes; 6 classes (3 each) with Prof. Dr. Elena Levit and Prof. Fong and 2 classes with professors of their choice.


July 23 - August 05, 2022

The aim is to advise and prepare the new generation of pianists concerning their future studies and to deepen the basics of piano technique as well as the treatment of musical and stylistic questions.

Through its professional language training, Inlingua, a Fulda-based language school, offers students an opportunity to develop their foreign language skills and prepare for further study abroad . The students receive 90 minutes language class per day in their required language.

All participants will be accommodated in single bed rooms in Kloster Frauenberg in Fulda. Double bedrooms are available to share with a family member. 

Maximum participants PIANALE JUNIOR: 12
Maximum participants of language courses: 12

Students / Piano Master Classes

10 years pianale

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Friedemann Rieger

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Yuki Kondo