Pianale - International Piano Academy & Competition

Terms & Conditions


1. PIANALE is aimed at piano students from Germany and abroad, who are between 18 and 30 years old during PIANALE International Academy & Competition. Due date is July 23, 2022.

2. You can register via the registration form on the website. Registration deadline is June 15, 2022

3. Upon written confirmation, the entire course fee must be paid within 8 days to the following account:
Bank Name: Sparkasse Fulda
Bank Address:Buttermarkt 2-6 D-36037 Fulda
Account Holder: PIANALE gGmbH
IBAN: DE85 5305 0180 0000 0751 14

4. In case of cancellation, 80% refund of course and accommodation fees will be granted if written cancellation notice is received before June 15, 2022.
After June 15, 2022, fees cannot be refunded any longer.

5. In case of two separate payments the piano course fee must be paid within 8 working days after the date of invoice. This fee is non refundable. The second payment must be done until June 1, 2022. Applications after June 1, 2022 are not allowed to pay in two separate payments.

6. Additional services such as language course and pick-up service are posted on the registration form. After June 15, 2022 no more additional services can be booked or changed.

7. In case that PIANALE is fully booked (15 participants) participants who cannot remain the whole time of the course must renounce her active participation. In that case 80% of all fees will be refunded.

8. The Concert-Round Program can be changed till June 15, 2022. The change must be comunicated in a written form.

9. In case of late arrival or early departure the participant loses the right to receive all piano master classes and can not perform at the semi-final and final concert. The participant forfeits the right to win any scholarship or award.

10. The piano and language course fee can not be reduced.

11. Scholarships can not be given in advance. Participants will compete during the first 7 concerts to perform at the semifinal and final concert. The decision of the professors and the jury shall be final.

12. Previous winners of the Audience Award and the Jury Award are excluded to perform at the semifinal and final concert again. Former audience award winners and jury award winners are welcome to take part in the courses and other concerts than semifinal and final concert. Finalists who did not win the audience or jury award can repeat the participation at PIANALE International Academy & Competition.

13. The winners of the special prizes in form of concert engagements have to perform their concerts in the specified season. Not perceived concerts can not be rescheduled or replaced. The winners are responsible for the communication between organizers and performer. Pianale has no further responsibilty for the winners after PIANALE International Academy & Competition has finished.

14. With the application the participant agrees that the photos, recordings and filming made in connection with the event are owned by PIANALE gGmbH and can be used without entitlement to remuneration in electronic and non-electronic media . The participant renounces his right to claim any fees due to the production, reproduction, explotation or public accessibility of photographs, recordings and videos.

15. Any changes concerning the academy will be published only on the website www.pianale.com

16. For more information please contact:
PIANALE gGmbH · Am Eichwald 1 · 36043 Fulda, Germany

Tel.: +49.661.94250407 · Fax: +49.661.9426287

Email: academy@pianale.com

17. Should any dispute arise as to the interpretation of the regulations of the participation, the German text is to be considered legally binding.

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