Pianale - International Piano Academy & Competition



AUGUST 01 - 13, 2021


The concert series "Schlosskonzerte Osthessen"  takes place in the most beautiful castles of the Osthessen region in Germany and encourages the audience to visit historic castles and places.

The aim of the concert series is to revive the castles with music, to create a professional performance platform for international young pianists and to open some doors that hitherto remained closed to the public.

In a unique atmosphere "Schlosskonzerte Osthessen" presents the new generation of highly talented musicians to the audience. Most of those young pianists are at the beginning of a promising career. In addition to the new generation, professors and soloists of international reputation are performing at “Schlosskonzerte Osthessen“.

All musicians are participating at PIANALE International Academy & Competition. Each concert presents several young artists from around the world to the audience. After 7 concert events the young pianists qualify themselves for a semi-final and final concert. During the grand final concert, the audience votes for its favorite candidate.

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