Pianale - International Piano Academy & Competition

11. Schlosskonzerte Osthessen 2017

SUN, August 13 6:30 pm

Opening Concert of the 11. PIANALE

with Pietro De Maria, Jay Gottlieb, Yong Hi Moon & Uta Weyand

Schloss Hallenburg, Schlitz, Concert Hall

28.-/10.- Euro

SAT, August 26 7:30 pm

Concert at the Art Center 

with PIANALE participants and visit of the exposition

Kunststation Kleinsassen

21.-/10.- Euro

THUR, August 17 7:30 pm


with PIANALE participants

Probstei Johannesberg, Fulda

20.-/10.- Euro

FRI, August 18 8:00 pm

Concert Round in Eichenzell

with PIANALE participants 

Eichenzeller Schlösschen, Kultursaal

28.- / 20.- Euro Snack and wine incl.

SAT, August 19 5:30pm

JUNIOR Concert

with PIANALE JUNIOR participants between 14- 17 years

Antoniusheim Fulda, Festscheune

SUN, August 20, 6:30pm


with PIANALE participants

Schloss Hallenburg, Schlitz, Concert Hall

 20.- / 10.- Euro

MON, August 21 7:30 pm

Concert among the cathedral               

with PIANALE participants

Theologische Fakultät, Fulda, Auditorium maximum

20.-/10.- Euro

TUE, August 22 7:00 pm

JUNIOR – Concert

with PIANALE JUNIOR participants between 14- 17 years


20.-/10.- Euro

WED, August 23 6:00 pm

Benefit Concert

PIANALE participants supporting premature babies at the clinic in Fulda

Entry free

Klinikum Fulda, Entrance Hall

THUR, August 24 7:00 pm


with the best participants of PIANALE JUNIOR          

Alte Universität, Aula, Fulda

20.-/10.- Euro

FRI, August 25 7:30 pm


with PIANALE participants

Palais Altenstein, Rokoko Saal, Fulda

20.-/10.- Euro

SUN, August 27, 6:30pm

PIANALE Semifinal Concert

with the 8 best participants of PIANALE

Stadtschloss Fulda, Fürstensaal

20.-/10.- Euro

TUE, August 29, 6:30 pm

PIANALE Final Concert

with the 4 best participants of PIANALE 2017

Schloss Fasanerie, Eichenzell


FRI, Nov. 17, 7:30pm

Recital with the winner of the audience award 2016

Alte Universität, Fulda, Aula

18. -/ 10.- Euro

10 years pianale

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