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Pianale Junior Master Classes

PIANALE JUNIOR: August 15 - 25, 2017

The PIANALE JUNIOR piano master classes are led by internationally acclaimed teachers and concert pianists who share the common goal of deepening the basics of piano technique and dedicate themselves to musical and stylistic questions as to the right selection of repertoire for each young pianist.

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Master Classes

25 - 30 minutes programme with piano works of the classical repertoire from different style periods.
Recording of 10 - 20 minutes sent by link to youtube or DVD.All participants will receive a total of 4 piano classes; 2 classes bye ach professor.

Orientation classes with professors of PIANALE International Academy & Competition can be booked additionally.

The number of active students on the piano master classes is limited to 12. 
Maximum number of orientation classes is 2.

Teachers PIANALE JUNIOR 2017:

Zuzana Niederdorfer (Austria)
William Fong (England)

Teachers for orientation classes 2017:

Akiko Ebi (Japan)
Justas Dvarionas (Lithuania)
Pietro De Maria (Italy)
Yong Hi Moon (Korea)
Markus Schirmer (Austria)
Uta Weyand (Germany)

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Friedemann Rieger

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Andrey Yaroshinsky